With variable interest rates being at an all-time low and fixed-rates on the rise, it will make anyone ask themselves the question “Am I paying too much?”. It might be time for you to consider refinancing and find a better interest rate or home loan product that’s better suited to your current financial needs.

At Jannar Financial Group we have access to a large panel of banks and lending institutions. Depending on your financial situation, goals and objectives we can offer a wide variety of home loan products to choose from.

Although, other than looking to refinance to find a better interest rate or a home loan product more suited to your current financial needs, there is more than one reason to consider refinancing. You may want to release equity from your owner-occupied property to purchase another for investment purposes or to purchase a holiday house/weekend getaway.  Other reason, may be even to get cash out to renovate, make improvements to your property to increase it’s potential overall value or get extra funds for investing in shares/ attaining extra funding to expand your business.

Many people also consider refinancing to consolidate some of their other debts i.e. credit cards, car loans and equipment finance, personal loans and tax debts/HECS debt. In many cases, it gets rid of the added stress of having multiple debts with higher interest rates. By doing this, it may save you thousands in interest that you could have been charged depending on the debt conditions.

Whatever the reason you are looking to refinance, our team are here to walk you through every step of the way from start to finish. Send us an enquiry today with your scenario and we will do our best to meet your expectations and assist you in making your finance goals a reality.